3 Things that Can Prevent Hypnosis in Los Angeles

Hypnosis can be a tricky thing. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding it for starters and then to top it all off not everyone can be hypnotized. It makes for a tricky business where there are a lot of skeptics. Even if you were thinking about being hypnotized or have been in the past but it didn’t work there are some things you may have been doing that prevented at the time that you didn’t even know about. Here are 3 things that can prevent hypnosis in Los Angeles from working on you.

You Have To Want It To Work

I know it sounds cliched but with hypnosis, you have to be a willing participant that wants the process to work. It’s not like medication that just doesn’t care. It’s a process of the mind and if you resist the process then it just won’t have any effect on you.Ticking Clock

This above any others is the reason why it fails to work on some people. They will come in a skeptic and even though they appear open to the process they are resisting it by not believing that it will work. Part of the process relies on you and if you’re not open and ready for the process to work then the odds are stacked against you. It won’t work.

You’re not relaxed

The easiest way to think of hypnosis is as guided relaxation. Your hypnotist will take you into a state of relaxation and then start to dig deeper in order to solve the root of whatever problem you’re facing. It would make sense then that if you’re not fully relaxing that hypnosis wouldn’t work on you.

It doesn’t mean that it’s your fault, perhaps there are outside forces in your life applying a pressure that you just couldn’t get past in the moment. It could be that you need to try a different hypnotist that you’re more comfortable with. It could be any number of thing that keeps you from relaxing in a way that allows your hypnotist to hypnotize you.

It Just Doesn’t Work For You

This is just one of the realities that some people have to deal with. Not everyone can be hypnotized even if they are fully relaxed and want it to work. It’s no fault of the person getting hypnotized or the hypnotist. It’s just the reality. Around 25% of people fit into this category. It has nothing to do with anything you’re doing or any predispositions that you have. The human mind is not something simple or easy to understand. There’s no one size fits all for anyone and sometimes you just have the short end of the stick. Holding hands


Always remember when visiting your hypnotherapist that everyone’s degree of susceptibility is different and it’s estimated that only 1 in 5 people are highly susceptible. Even if you’re not in that group though it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try hypnosis. Even if you’re trying it again. If it still doesn’t work you may want to have a conversation regarding your level of susceptibility. Give hypnosis in Los Angeles a try today!

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