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Meditation And Hypnosis Common Ground

Meditation And Hypnosis Common Ground


There are some great articles on why Meditation works to bring more clarity calm and joy when we do it consistently. Using the power of thought and strengthening the mind in this way creates a more resilient empowered you. Allowing you to focus, align and move your life in the positive direction you choose.

Similarly there are Insightful articles regarding the efficacy of Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis whether it be for Anxieties, Addictions, Weight loss, Fears, Phobias or Increase Confidence.

Hypnosis has been around since 1774. Hypnotherapy continues to become more main-stream, thanks in large part to Dr. Milton Erickson who took hypnosis to the next level with his varied successes and teachings. http://www.historyofhypnosis.org/milton-erickson/

Hypnosis is a similar experience, to a guided meditation but with more structure and specific goals in mind. MRI’s have shown hypnosis and meditation both create changes in the brain that can benefit us in varied and powerful ways.

Here are some links to some interesting articles on both Meditation and Hypnosis.

Meditation Article

Hypnosis Article

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