Change And Fear

Why is change so difficult? What can you do to make it easier to feel even and calm when confronting changes?

Noticing the feeling rather than owning it creates more space allowing you not to get swept up in the emotions. When we are confronted or reflect on changes, we can
get caught up in the feelings and identify with them.  All kinds of emotions can come up. It is perfectly normal to experience those feelings, they are natural; it is part of opening your mind. Acknowledging the emotions is a way of accepting them.  This allows you to let go of fear. In fact it is a courageous way to let go of the fear.

Know that changes are around us all the time. We cannot hold onto things that are changing. With some changes we have to give up control. This can be disturbing and uncomfortable.  A bud turns to a flower then falls away.  Change is continual. Noticing even the little changes makes you more mindful; thus, you can begin to settle more comfortably into the flow of life.

By observing the mind for what it is, you can let go of attempting to intellectualize it or make sense of it. Just to be, to observe, creates space to notice the feelings almost as if they are like cars going by on a street, they come and they go.  Notice and let go of some of the fixed ideas of how we see and compartmentalize other people labeling them one way or another. We do this with ourselves as well and it disempowering.

Many times the way in which we think about ourselves and see ourselves is not moving us in a helpful direction. We do not see ourselves as other people do; we don’t see ourselves objectively. That disconnection can create negative self talk and is why some people have issues regarding confidence and self esteem.

Learning to sit back and observe what we are thinking and feeling using meditation, and listening to our deep intuitive thoughts is helpful. It gives us more space to notice how we are creating either a toxic tone or a space of self- love, patience and compassion.  These are not tools we are usually taught growing up. We can learn them through hypnotherapy, meditation, the art being grateful, and living in the moment. This new habit can take form and allow us to let go of fear and attachments; it also allows us to appreciate the small things as well as the large.

Ava Evans,C.Ht.
Therapeutic Hypnosis

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