Hypnosis weight loss success stories

In recent years, hypnosis has evolved from a party trick to a medically recognized clinical treatment that can remedy everything from phobias to chronic pain. But did you know that hypnotherapy with hypnotherapist Ava Evans, C.Ht. can also help you shed those extra pounds?

Consider 28-year-old Georgia who, after trying countless diets to lose the weight she put on as a result of foot surgery, decided to give hypnosis a try. She had turned to the trance technique to overcome her fear of flying, and was hoping that hypnotherapy could once again bring “fundamental changes” to her life.

Georgia, a self-described foodie, admits that she was taken aback by her hypnotherapist’s suggestions. The hypnotherapist wanted Georgia to adhere to these four agreements:

  • Eat when you are hungry
  • Listen to your body and eat what you crave
  • Stop when you are full
  • Eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful

As a result, no foods were off limits. “I was encouraged to eat everything in moderation,” music to a dieting veteran’s ears.

Within a year, Georgia describes the weight coming off slowly, but surely despite not making any stark changes to her lifestyle. She was able to enjoy eating out several times a week, but would find herself sending plates back with food on them. Georgia describes her hypnotherapist’s suggestions as a love affair with food–only she was almost ironically losing weight by doing so. “For the first time ever, I was really tasting my food, spending time to take in the flavors and textures.” In between sessions with her hypnotherapist, Georgia made sure to maintain her new healthy habits.

While many people are hesitant to try hypnosis out of fear that it feel “weird” or out of control, Georgia disagrees, describing her trance states as lucid: “Under hypnosis, I feel…still in control.”

It has been years since Georgia first sought the treatment of her hypnotherapist and she has happily maintained her weight.

Often times, many people decide to seek help when they realize their weight is keeping them from doing what they want. When Julie Evans’ husband won an all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii, the dream vacation became her nightmare. She wanted to go, but not enough to wear a bathing suit, she admits. “It was at that moment that I realized that my weight was preventing me from living.”

Evans had been at a “normal” body mass index her entire life, until the birth of her first child. Over the next few years Evans continued to gain weight, a result of what she describes as a combination of “pregnancy weight, a bit of depression and a whole lot of negative self-esteem.”

After returning to Hawaii, Evans decided it was time to lose weight, although she did not know where to begin.

Evans decided to take a different approach than most. After seeing the results her mother was getting from a “hypnosis gastric bypass” with a certified hypnotherapist, Evans soon scheduled her own appointment.

A hypnosis gastric bypass is exactly what it sounds like: a hypnotherapist walks a patient through a simulated gastric bypass surgery. After hypnosis, the mind believes that the stomach is getting smaller, and as a result, appetite decreases.

After her first session with a hypnotherapist, Evans remembers craving spinach. The next day, she found herself eating a quarter of what she was eating before. She remembers feeling physically unable to eat as much as she had been and only craving healthy, whole foods.

The weight came off at a steady pace. But like most people’s weight loss efforts, the weight loss began to slow. After she lost 100 pounds, Evans decided to exercise in order to reach her weight loss goal.

After two years since her return from Hawaii, Evans lost 150 pounds–almost half of her body weight.

Developing a steady workout regime is often the most difficult component of weight loss efforts. But you may be surprised to learn that hypnotherapy can remedy the lack of motivation to exercise.

Actress and comedian Olivia Munn has been open about her past experience with hypnosis to treat her OCD. One day she confessed to her hypnotherapist that she did not work out. So, during one of her sessions, he hypnotized her.

Since that initial Friday session, Munn could not seem to get enough of working out. “By Monday I was working out every day at 6 am!” If she missed a gym day, she would double up the next day. The actress realized how much progress she had made when running up the steps: “This is strange, I could do this a hundred times and be totally okay.”

No matter what stage you are in your weight loss and fitness journey, let hypnotherapist Ava Evans<, C.Ht. help you meet your goal.

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