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What is Hypnosis?


Take Control and Live Your Life!

Are you trying to make positive changes to your life and having difficulty making those changes? You may want to try hypnotherapy with Ava Evans. Hypnotherapy helps you achieve your self improvement goals. Hypnosis is a calming and secure experience to all individuals and helps to make positive changes in your life. When you come in for a session, you will find yourself in a safe and comfortable environment that will enable you to enjoy and relax for the hypnosis experience. The hypnosis part of the session is recorded and emailed to each client so you can listen and reinforce these powerful and positive new thoughts and integrate them into your life.

What is Hypnosis?

The technical definition is “a state of altered awareness and increased suggestibility”. Hypnosis is a natural, relaxed state of mind and you may be surprised to know that trance occurs often in our everyday lives. You experience hypnosis every night, before you fall asleep. Also, instances such as missing your freeway exit, engrossed in a movie or novel is a common form of hypnosis. When you are in the middle of any concentrated or meditative task, you are likely in a trance state.

Do you have an issue that burdens your daily life? Through hypnotherapy, Ava can help you overcome issues such as anxieties, fears, phobias, stress, lack of confidence, negative thinking, eating disorders, quitting smoking, nail biting, insomnia, lack of motivation, obsessive compulsive behavior, panic attacks, fear of public speaking, weight management, or relationship conflict. Many clients who have gone through hypnosis sessions with Ava have made wonderful improvements. She uses effective techniques to help you live a life free of fear, stress, self-sabotage, anxieties, chronic pain, and bad habits. Take control and start living a more positive and healthy life.

*For your protection, work on some issues may require a consultation and referral from a licensed physician or mental health professional. Individual results may vary; since every person is different some issues are resolved more quickly in some individuals than others.

Call Ava Evans at (818) 314-5905 and schedule a hypnosis session. She offers hypnosis and hypnotherapy for any individual in the Los Angeles area.


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