When doing a Past Life Regression Session (PLR) it is important to allow oneself to relax and let go of all judgments and negative self talk, to just allow yourself to be completely open to the EXPERIENCE. If you have a knowledgable and experienced hypnotherapist who has done this many times they can help you to relax and feel safe and comfortable enough to create the environment that allows you to have this interesting and amazing experience.
PLR can be fascinating, wonderful and life changing, it can answer questions that nothing else can. Questions like What is my life purpose? or Why am I with this person? What lessons am I supposed to be learning from whatever you are curious about or life experience you are going through.
When we connect with the Deepest part of ourselves, the subconscious/oversoul, remembers everything from ALL our lives in the past. Answers can be accessed and brought forth for growth, empowerment and resilience that allows us to move forward in healthy ways feeling more connected and confident in THIS  life, which is usually the goal of PLR.

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