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I owe it all to Ava Evans. She totally saved my life in the nic of time

July 16th was the one year anniversary in quitting smoking. I owe it all to Ava Evans. She totally saved my life in the nic of time.
I flew out to Los Angeles from New York specifically to have a hypnotherapy session. I just turned 60 & I smoked way to long. I never thought I would be able to quit; I had tried many times before. I spent 4 hours with Ava which sounds like a ridiculous amount of time. The time flew! The 1st 3 hours Ava gives you the whole rendition of the cigarette industry. We went through so much material. I think this is what makes the actual “hypnosis” work. It’s the icing on the cake! She puts all your receptors to sleep.
Ava is so knowledgeable & totally gets all the facts into your head. Her technique totally worked for me. I feel so lucky to be a non smoker.
Thank You,

Mara Leibler Faden

Thank you for all you do. As a Hypnotherapist you listen so well. It is an amazing experience to let go and reconnect with your inner child.

This really helps the healing process. I am so glad you were brought into my life to help. Your soothing voice and your personal recordings really do work!
Staying positive and calm really helps to keep me centered. The deep breathing exercises and taking care of me as you pointed out is paramount.
I’m so glad you helped me find myself again and stay connected. It really is a joy to truly be me! The happiness and healing comes when you get out of the way and just be.
I can’t thank you enough for your gift of giving that doesn’t stop! It goes full circle and I am so glad I was a part of the process.
Thanks Again,

Deborah Swanson

Weight Loss

“When I first met with Ava I had recently hit ‘rock bottom’ in terms of my weight issues and was really in need of getting to the core of the problem and working on a way out of my rut. Early on it was obvious that Ava understood where I was in my life, my goals and my problems and she became someone in which I could easily confide. Because she lives her own health-conscious life I felt like she was the right person to help me through that tough time and she did just that. At the time of my writing this I have been able to overcome many of the issues that kept me out of control and I am healthier, happier, leaner and lighter. ”

Jon M.

Smoking Cessation

I just wanted to thank you again for getting me in therapy. I am a non smoker thanks to you xoxo…..thank you thank you thank you.

Samantha S, Los Angeles

“Yes Ava, thank you! I was very skeptical at first and being one that naturally “resists” most things, I thought that hypnosis was probably hocus pocus, but was willing to give it a try and came half heartidly. I was wrong. I did feel the results. The calming and my subconscious and conscious mind working together, gave me a relaxed calm inner strength to be a non smoker! Two thumbs up for hypnosis and Ava Evans!

Granger Korff, Woodland Hills


Ava helped me so much! I wasn’t sure if hypnotherapy would work for me but I was desperate to try anything! I’ve been having problems with insomnia for over a year and I’ve tried everything except hypnotherapy. She patiently explained the process of hypnosis and how each therapy session would work. Now, I sleep soundly and wake up refreshed! Thank you Ava!

Anonymous (client)

Increase Confidence

“I was very pleased with Ava’s professional and compassionate manner. I felt relaxed, comfortable and more confident after my sessions. I came to her because I was nervous about repeating the California Bar exam. I was a bit hesitant to try hypnosis, but I feel it made me more comfortable the second time around of taking the exam. And, the best part of all, was that I passed the second time! While I studied a tremendous amount, I also feel that I was more relaxed and certain of myself which I attribute to the sessions.”

Anonymous (client)

“I started coming to see Ava Evans because I was curious about hypnosis and needed some help in my life. I was not motivated at work and financially not making ends meet. I was emotionally stuck in a bad relationship and negative self talk.Ava helped me get motivated and my business and finances improved. I am now attracting positive things to my life. I have more understanding about how relationships work and am now involved in a healthier relationship. ”

Anonymous (client)

“Thanks to Ava, I have a newfound respect for hypnotherapy. And because of her skills and techniques I find myself thinking more positively, am more able to focus on the task at hand, have less fear, and greater confidence. The unconscious mind can definitely be modified! Thanks again.”

Steven Greene, Fitness Trainer

“I did not believe I would or could be hypnotized. Ava changed that perception for me. With her warm and caring approach to hypnotherapy I was able to be hypnotized and develop tools to use for my presenting problem. I strongly recommend Ava Evans for hypnotherapy. She is at once warm and approachable , as well as professional and trustworthy, which allowed me to feel safe and comfortable. Thanks again!”

Paul Wagner,

Dear Ava,
I wanted to take some time to let you know how well I am doing. Even though I continue being challenged with going to Court, I now can use your techniques, and call upon my sessions with you to bring myself to a calm place. I am able to control of my breathing and secretly tap my way through the most stressful of situations. I couldn’t believe it when I saw a man on TLC working with your “re-programming” tools (in order to get people to lose weight) you used on me last year….you gave me the confidence and constitution to face real adversity with poise and dignity.

Anonymous (client)

I couldn’t have done it with out you , and I would recommend (as I already have on many occasions) your therapy to anyone confronting a challenge. This is not traditional therapy that makes you face truths, that once brought to the surface, are not the most helpful when trying to get through a stressful time. This is coping therapy; I needed to be able to act and react like a confident, truthful, present person in Court, not go into a deep self introspective journey fraught with parental blame.
This is the way to go for people that like results, ROI (return on investment), if you will.
Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

Karen Klaparda

I decided to try out this whole hypnotherapy thing and I decided to go see Ava based on a friend’s referral. I didn’t go for a specific problem like to quit smoking or lose weight. I am definitely a workaholic and all I remember from my session was the amazingly deep relaxation I came out with. I had absolutely no stress. It felt amazing. So if you are an overly busy person like me, I highly recommend going in and seeing Ava just to get a month’s worth of vacation in one or more sessions.

Nes Nasim, president of Ontrix


“Do you ever experience anxiety? Do you ever wonder if there is a solution for it? I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress throughout my life. I figured it was normal and one had to deal with it. So I dealt with it, until one day in my adulthood I could no longer manage it. When I started Medical School the pressure and stress increased tremendously. I started to experience panic attacks during exams. I was in seek for help and was introduced to a Meditation group on campus. Meditation helped me manage my stress and anxiety to a certain level. After completing the program I needed to take the National and State exam to become licensed. This was a very stressful chapter in my life and even though mediation helped manage my anxiety, my anxiety overwhelmed me during the national exam. Unfortunately I did not pass the first round. I was desperate in seek for help. Someone to teach me and give me the tools necessary to cope with my anxiety in the time allotted until my next exam. I went to seek a psychologist, told her my symptoms and she referred me to a hypnotherapist. I asked a few people and to my fate I was referred to Ava Evans. I started to notice changes within the first week. I started to observe the changes in my behavior and reactions to everyday life encounters. As the weeks went by, I was more at ease with practice test and my thoughts were calmer. My confidence started to escalate, my stress levels decreased and I was able to retrieve information effortlessly. I would strongly recommend Ava Evans to anyone dealing with problems that they want to overcome. There are solutions and professionals that have the tools necessary to help one get through things. It’s up to us to make that active decision to make the change and ask for help. I did and I am epically thankful to Ava Evans. ”

Yvonne Ramirez, PT, DPT

“After 3 sessions I feel cured from your therapy. I am not afraid of speaking, not afraid of heights and not exhibiting those other compulsive behaviors.”

Arturo Bautista

“I would like to express my deep gratitude to Ava Evans for helping me through a very difficult time in my life. With her dedication and expertise, I was able to accept the loss of my dear husband and begin to function and go on with my life. She heped me develop confidence, courage and hope. The terrible grief lifted as we worked togither. She gave me the assurance that I could make it.
Another big area of concern was with my fear of dental work. She helped me relax and I went through many hours at the dentist, I was calm comfortable and my fears are gone.
I deeply appreciate Ava’s extraordinary skill and knowledge. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing the kind of positve reinforcement she provides. Hypnotherapy is wonderful! With Deep Gratitude,

Judith Tooney


Hello dear Ava,
Ava, as you know it has been a difficult year for me with my Mother living back East and ill. I cannot tell you what a blessing you have been in my life and how much you have helped me to learn to manage my anxiety and sadness. the calm I feel when I leave one of your sessions or just being at home and listening to one of your tapes has been an extremely important part of my well being. You are a wonderfully spiritual person who has an amazing gift. Thank you for for sharing it with me.

Anonymous (client)

“Ava has truly changed my life. I started going to her my senior year of high school because I was going through mild depression because I felt lost and didn’t know myself. In addition, I went to Ava because I wanted to get over my fear of flying. Ava not only helped me accomplish my goal, she also showed me techniques I now use anytime I go on a flight. I now feel spiritually more aware and I am no longer afraid to fly. Since Ava came into my life, I have been able to see myself as the person I’ve always dreamed of becoming. I am on the right track to success and I have the skills that Ava has taught me in order to succeed. I do not know how I could have gone through all of my transitional periods of moving away, figuring out my life goals and my fear of flying without her guidance. I couldn’t be more thankful to have Ava as my spiritual healer.”

Bree Jacoby


“I consulted with Ava prior to a medical procedure. Her techniques worked wonders for me. I had no anxiety pre-surgery and was pain-free post surgery. Amazing! I highly recommend Ava Evans.”


Pediatric Hypnosis

I would like to thank Ava for all her help with my son. She has been very instrumental in helping my 11 year gain back self confidence and discipline. He was having a very difficult time getting a “grip” on his anger and she has helped gain a better understanding to his feelings. She has built up his self esteem and has been teaching him skills and tools to help with his aggression. He looks forward to all his sessions with Ava.
Ava’s sessions have changed not only my son’s life, but the day to day life in our house. We are all learning to make daily changes with the help and guidance of Ava and we thank her very much.”


Past Life Regression

I had the most insightful and enlightening experience through past life regression therapy from Ava. She is kind, patient and really worked hard to get me to relax and allow the experience to move forward. In the end my inability to “let go” was turned around and now I feel calmer and more relaxed in my everyday life. I feel like some therapists may have been frustrated when it took me so long to relax into hypnosis, but she never made me feel like I was doing it wrong or that she wanted to give up. I am thankful for her persistence and this experience. It was life changing. She helped make that life change for me. My relationships with my family have improved and my anger, frustration and irritability seem to have just disappeared overnight. It was truly the best gift I have ever received. If anyone else has suffered from issues that traditional therapy or medications have not cured, I highly suggest you try past life regression and hypnosis. It is a blessing that should not be passed up.

Pela McHenry

About Ava Evans

“Ava is an amazing healer. Her ability to see through my soul into the heart of the issue is truly a gift. Her voice is magical in that it is soothing, comforting and reassuring. I truly thought I could not be hypnotized because of my strong character and was I proven very wrong. Ava was not only successful in putting me under hypnosis, but she stirred the “inner me’ to reach places I didn’t know I could go.”

Cory Jacoby

“Dear Ava
What an incredible journey you and I are taking together!
It has been magical from the start and the results are truly amazing. Your anti-aging hypnotherapy is working from the inside out and everyone is commenting how young I look! Thank you for your compassion and expert technique that only a trained professional like yourself could bring to a client. I am forever grateful and looking forward to continuing our work together. I feel young, energetic and alive because of you!

Jennifer Schwartz, The Spa Goddess

Ava, thank you for the amazing work you did with me that helped me overcome my once negative emotions regarding the topic of sales as a profession and salespeople in general. I found your sessions and tapes to be magnificently empowering. As you know, I redirected my business last year to focus strictly on business brokerage – helping people buy and sell businesses. It’s nearly impossible to excel in sales when your subconscious mind associates sales in a negative manner. After working with you, I can honestly say that I now love sales, love my career as a business broker and I truly can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing. It’s a great place to be. Thanks again! ”

Tawnya Gilreath, Business Sales and Acquisitions,

What an incredible experience!
I came to Ava because I was dealing with pretty intense panic attacks and chronic abdominal pain growing up.
After doing a past life regression with her, I was able to answer the unknown questions to why I was experiencing these issues. She made me feel so comfortable — her office is very relaxing. I was nervous walking in but I left that building a changed man.
Since our session, I have not once dealt with any panic attacks or stomach pains — I am convinced that she healed me 100%.
Doing a past life regression is literally the one thing in my life that will be hard to top. It was such a pivotal moment with Ava — so thankful for her passion and the hearts she is helping!

Grant G.

Hi Ava !! A year ago I came to see you. I wanted to give up drinking alcohol… Well, on September 9th a year later, I can proudly say I have still not drunk any alcohol, have lost 30lbs, exercise every day and feel wonderful. Thank you so much !!!!!

Abby Guimarais