3 Reasons Hypnotherapy Can Help With Trauma

There are many different kinds of trauma and ways people choose to cope, healthy and unhealthy. Trauma comes from witnessing things that thoroughly shake up your life and cause you to be triggered by certain things. Trauma can stem from family, physical or emotional abuse, relationships, sexual abuse, brutality, and even things like war. Trauma is genuinely how we make sense of these events that happened to us and result from what happened. Some examples of these negative emotions bringing themselves to life are: internalizing our concerns, depression, eating in harmful ways, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, withdrawal from relationships, and even life. Trauma is widespread for individuals in today’s society, and nobody knows this better than Hypnotherapist Ava Evans. Ava’s practice is in San Fernando Valley, and her clinic offers Hypnotherapy services in Encino.

Many people who have gone through something traumatic in their life may not even know what they have experienced is traumatic. The effects of trauma don’t go away quickly, and without treatment, they can stay in your life for months or even years. Many individuals don’t even realize that the adverse effects of trauma are starting to seep into their everyday life, in their work, relationships, self-esteem, etc. Often, those who have experienced trauma will bury their feelings towards the experience deep down and lock it away, not ever analyzing why they are experiencing the trauma and its adverse effects in the first place. The more those neglect the lingering feelings of trauma and traumatic experiences, the more prone they are to having these adverse effects take over their daily lives.

Reasons Hypnotherapy Helps With Trauma

Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based treatment that treats the underlying causes and the symptoms of trauma. Hypnotherapy does not remove traumatic events from your life, nor the effects of them. Hypnotherapy allows you to gain access to information stored in your body, mind, and energy. Hypnotherapy will enable us to examine the event and the emotion that surrounds it. Then, we can work on processing and expressing any negative beliefs you have about your trauma, release them, and transform your life. Hypnotherapy can provide controlled access to memories that might be kept out of your mind and stored away.

Below are three reasons why Hypnotherapy can help with trauma:

Identification of Triggers

Your triggers are things that cause the adverse effects of trauma to relay in your life. A trigger is often something that you don’t even realize is triggering. It can be something as small as the way someone you love says a word, how they do something, the sound of something, or even a vision you see. Identifications of these triggers give the person who is struggling from trauma more control of day-to-day situations in their life.

Identification of Situations and Memories

Hypnotherapy is there to help to identify the situations and memories of events that were/are traumatic in your life. Hypnotherapy gives a controlled and safe environment to discuss what these events were and other stressful events in your life that are adding to your traumatic experiences.

Change of Beliefs

Trauma changes you in many different aspects when you experience it, and it goes untreated. It alters your personality, motivation, perception, cognitive function, mood, and memory. Through that, it changes your relationships, family, and community. Hypnotherapy can help change the way your mind thinks, from negative thoughts like, “I deserved that, people are evil, the world is scary.” To things like, “I am good, I am loveable.”

Trauma is not an overnight fix-all. It takes time, patience, and the right tools, such as Hypnotherapy. One of the main goals of Hypnotherapy is restoring the “self.” The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of you to be more whole again. Hypnotherapy gives you a chance to revisit your trauma in a safe space, with a safe professional to identify your triggers, identify the situations and memories of trauma, and change your beliefs. At Hypnotherapy Los Angeles, we are here to help guide you through your traumatic experiences and hopefully have you leaving with more sense of self, clarity, and control over your life again.

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