Q: What is hypnosis?

A: It is a blissful state where the mind is brought into a voluntary, pleasurable and relaxed state of attentiveness and concentration. Hypnosis works by deactivating the conscious critical mind and exploring the nuances of the inner subconscious mind, all with the permission of the individual. The optimum hypnotic state is characterized by heightened suggestibility and increased mental absorption. Suffice it to say that hypnosis seeks to heighten the senses of the individual and activate imagination in a controlled, subliminal manner. Its use is motivated by the fact that the subconscious mind is more susceptible to key into beneficial suggestions.

Q: Can a person be hypnotized against his/her will?

A: Absolutely not! Hypnosis needs the full cooperation of the individual to work its magic and as such, you must be a willing subject for hypnosis to do its job.

Q: Will hypnosis cause an individual to carry out immoral, criminal, anti-social acts while under its effects?

A: Hypnosis neither manipulates an individual nor change his/her personality. Hence, under no circumstances will an individual be found doing anything he/she wouldn’t do in the waking state. Hypnosis is not some master-slave mind control. Under its effects, a hypnotized individual is aware of everything that is going on and there is no loss of principles, morals or values.

Q: Does hypnosis work better on the weak-minded than it does on the strong-willed?

A: This is a very common misconception and the answer is no. The strength of one’s mind has very little to do with the efficacy of hypnosis. Whether you are weak-minded or strong-willed, the result will be the same if you resist, you’ll make a poor hypnotic subject. On the contrary, you’ll make a good hypnotic subject if you’re cooperative with the therapy, be you strong-willed or weak-minded. Hypnosis’ only motive is to help a person develop a stronger mind by helping them gain greater control over both body and mind.

Q: Does hypnosis weaken the mind?

A: Far from it. If anything, it makes your mind stronger by helping explore and expand the bandwidths of your mind’s potential. You are able to reach for that elusive inner strength. The protective nature of the subconscious mind which hypnosis works on makes it accept suggestions that are acceptable, and reject those that are not. This way your mind is made even stronger.

Q: Will I be asleep?

A: Despite popular notions, hypnosis does not put you in a sleepy, drowsy, dizzy or dreamy state. A person that is being hypnotized is very much aware of all that is going on. In fact, his/her senses become more heightened and acute than ever. As is the case if a person is really tired, it is possible to fall asleep during hypnosis. In which case, the subject is asleep and no longer in hypnosis. This state of sleep may be thought of as a light but relaxing state of sleep. A simple tap by the hypnotist is enough to rouse the subject from such a snooze.

Q: Is it possible that subject could not be brought out of hypnosis?

A: No, this is not possible. Nobody ever gets stuck in the hypnotic state because you do not lose control when you are in hypnosis, you retain full control of your mind and body. However, it is not uncommon for individuals to want to remain a little longer in the hypnotic state because of the comfort and relaxation it affords. A simple suggestion for awakening or alerting is all that usually required to bring the individual back to the Waking State. Most subjects awaken just as soon as the hypnotist stops talking. Essentially, you can come out of hypnosis anytime you want. Just as you got into it of your own volition, waking up is also entirely up to you.

Q: Will I reveal my secrets under hypnosis?

A: No, hypnosis cannot be used to find the truth. It is not some truth serum. All the words you say are entirely at your own discretion. Subjects in the Hypnotic State will reveal nothing they won’t reveal in the Waking State. No one gets into your head in ways that are subliminal like some Mother Confessor and makes you tell all.

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