Yes it is possible to train your brain.  Actually we already do it.  Many times though we are unaware and are tuning into the negative events, situations and actions much more so than the positive ones. The fact is our brain is hardwired to remember the negative influences and interactions better than the positive ones.

The good news is that higher regions of our brain can change the way the lower regions operate. That means we can use awareness and intention to bring about changes and actually overcome that negative hardwiring.  Hypnosis can bring this about more quickly and easily.  Meditation can allow you to become more aware, more mindful and therefore stay on that positive track.

It is important to learn tools to remind us when we fall back into that unproductive negative thought process, to literally reboot our minds.  It is a learned skill that we must cultivate and nurture. One technique is to write down happy moments each day so you focus on positive occurrences.  This helps outweigh our normal inclination to be negative. When we are young we have experiences, situations and circumstances that we interpret as dangerous, as they may very well be; however, and as we get older we follow that inclination even though the danger is no longer a threat.

Animals that are under attack, once they have escaped the danger let it go, grazing in the grass and living in the moment. Humans may be the only animals that hold onto the fears from the past, sometimes for years, often oblivious that they are holding on to those fears.

Whether you use hypnotherapy, meditation, psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, yoga,  or a combination of those and or other healing methods, there are many paths, which can help you find ways to reframe your thoughts from negative to positive. It can be within our control how bad experiences impact our lives. Happiness is possible, not all the time, but a good part of the time, so why not hardwire your brain for happiness?

Ava Evans, C.Ht.

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