Well if you haven’t, according to my clients, it’s sure worth a try. As you may have read, hypnosis is this really relaxing state that is like drifting off in time and space or like that sort of day-dreamy feeling like right before sleep. Yet you are NOT asleep, just amazingly relaxed.

Some clients come in so stressed and anxious that after our session it feels as if they haven’t felt that relaxed, light and peaceful in years, if ever, that they can recall.

The problem is we get so caught up in our lives, many of us don’t take the time we need to unwind and give ourselves that space to recover and learn to think and act in more useful healing ways.

I make my clients individual recordings relating to the issue they are coming in to get help with to improve their lives. Hypnosis allows us to be receptive to those changes and can help make life, easier, allowing those who are ready for changes to move forward, rather then staying in that stuck place that can be very difficult to deal with.

So if you want to feel more calm, comfortable and relaxed and on the way learn some tools that can be very empowering and allow you to feel better about what you choose to create in your life, try hypnotherapy and enjoy!

Ava Evans, C.Ht.
Therapeutic Hypnosis

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