Everyone is still mystified by past life regression therapy. How can you know whether you’ve had previous lives? How do you know whether it’s genuine? There are no predetermined answers to any of these questions. Hundreds of people are intrigued about their former lives and what it holds for them. If you are willing to try it but are unsure just what to expect during the therapy, we would go through the step-by-step experience given directly by the hypnotherapist. Contact us if you are looking for past life regression therapy in Los Angeles!

Past Life Regression is a delicate form of hypnotherapy that sends a person back in time to prior life or incarnations by gaining access to thoughts and memories that are typically locked in their subconscious mind. Today’s life is so hectic and ‘noisy,’ that these recollections are frequently hidden beneath the din of everyday thoughts. A PLR session takes you away from the cacophony and into a tranquil condition, making it significantly quick and simple for the memories stored in your subconscious mind.

Past Life Regression can help you to:

● Investigate unresolved emotions that have persisted into this lifetime, causing concerns or beliefs that you have been unable to explain.
● Reconnect with past life experiences.
● Recognize and cherish the main lessons learned from those lives.
● Investigate your past lives and current Soulmate encounters.
● Determine any physical issues you may be suffering from as a result of past life events.
● Help you better understand why you have such a strong affinity to specific areas.

The session starts immediately as the person steps in, according to the experiencer. Every object in the room, as well as the hypnotherapist and discussion subjects, will prepare the subconscious mind for a deeper connection shortly. The goal-setting talk is the initial component of the therapy. It is critical to understand the reasons for studying former incarnations as well as the challenges that the individual is facing in their current life. After the talk, the hypnotic induction begins.

First, become acquainted with hypnosis.

Hypnosis might be strange and fascinating to someone who has never experienced it. You may be wondering what the distinction is between hypnosis and previous life regression. We spend a significant amount of time generating a comfortable hypnotic state to assist in identifying the aspects of hypnosis from other experiences. This is necessary for previous life regression therapy since it provides a thorough understanding of hypnosis while also preparing the individual for their experiences.

How can we tell if something is a dream, our imagination, or reality? Past life regression therapy is thought to be a sham. It merely means a perfect blend of fantasy and reality. This could feel like a great dream at times. Sometimes times, people will recall a specific feeling, odor, or even the sound of a picture from the distant past. The truth is that concentrating on whether the experience is a product of imagination or memory has no therapeutic value. Whatever the subject visualizes and experiences while under hypnosis is retained for a reason. The majority of therapeutic benefits can be obtained simply by following the journey and letting whatever surfaces enter the subconscious mind.

The therapist takes the lead.

After the hypnotic induction, the hypnotherapist will use several techniques to get the person into a deep hypnotic state. Remember that former life memories do not exist on the conscious mind’s surface. As a result, it is critical to have significant depth in hypnosis to access those hidden memories. Like a recorder, the subconscious mind saves all previous information. The receptivity of the person and the subconscious mind plays an important part in accessing previous memories.

Once the subject has reached the desired depth, the hypnotherapist will gently guide them to their prior life. Each person may have had several previous lifetimes. The subconscious mind recognizes which memories will provide the proper insight at the right time. It is essential to have faith in the subconscious mind and all of the beneficial information it provides.

Transforming perceptions into wisdom

The hypnotherapist will steer the person towards significant events such as moments with loved ones, memorable places, or the person’s death as the person experiences different sections and diverse memories from a lifetime.

The therapist’s function is to assist the individual in making sense of the surfacing memories. As the journeyer moves through one life, she or he will be able to connect with and receive assistance from the facilitator.


Visiting the realm between lifetimes is one of the most essential ways a past life regression can have a significant impact on a person’s current existence. After regressing through the important points of a former life, a client moves on to a between-life regression. This is where she can summon guides to assist her in understanding that life, whatever the lessons were, how they handled them, and which will need to be repeated. Reverting to the most recent past incarnation allows a person to discover where their soul’s path is as they enter this life. These are the things they can apply most directly to her current situation.

What if I don’t see anything?

During the past life regression journey, few people will have vivid and visual images. During the voyage, one may experience strong emotions from a previous life, a strong scent, or perhaps just a sense from a memory. Every experience is unique, and everyone will encounter only what they are prepared to confront. There is no correct or incorrect way to experience past lives. Following sessions may provide some people with sharper visuals or other useful insights.

The hypnotherapist will guide the individual through various occurrences in that former life until the appropriate insight is obtained. People frequently feel that they continue their lives with a renewed viewpoint and appreciation for themselves after their newfound insight. This treatment helps them grasp their lives and the things that make them unique, such as their purpose. Past life regression therapy also provides a fresh path to overcome challenges and the strength to do so.

If you believe you are ready to uncover some of your most hidden memories, past life regression treatment might be extremely beneficial. If you’ve had some unexplained coincidences in your life that make you want more, or if you believe life is more than what you have now, it might be worth a chance! Contact us for more information or if you are looking for past life regression therapy in Los Angeles!

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