As most of us know by now stress is unhealthy, and can create anxiety and plenty of physical symptoms. One problem is we are not usually taught how to deal with stress in meaningful healthy ways. Our parents usually don’t know how to cope with stress in a healthy productive way and we certainly don’t study it in school. It is really up to us to seek out and learn helpful and proven methods for dealing with the stresses of life.

Exercise is one of the healthier ways to release stress. Now we are all different and as I explain to my clients, it is really up to the individual to seek out and experiment with what is right for you. Cardio is essential and maybe yoga is effective for some of you and palates for others. However you choose to exercise, working up a good sweat is healthy for your mind and body.

Learning yoga breathe work is helpful to most people, so I teach almost all my clients 7/11 breathing. Inhaling, expanding the diaphragm to a slow count of 7.
Exhaling and squeezing the air out in the diaphragm to an even slower count of 11, relaxes you and releases tension from your body. Just the act of focusing on your breathing is often effective in interrupting those unproductive negative thoughts, which create much of your stress.

Hypnosis and cognitive therapy are the primary tools I work with to relax and help you let go of whatever is creating stress in your life. We work together to come up with solutions rather than repeatedly focusing on problems, which can be an important component in healing.

Ava Evan, C.Ht
Therapeutic Hypnosis

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