How Hypnotherapy Los Angeles Treats Depression

About 14.8 million American adults suffer from depression. If you are among the many people struggling with depression and trying to find effective treatment, hypnotherapy Los Angeles might help.

Depression comes in various forms. Some people experience depression once in their lifetime as a brief episode. For many others, depression is recurring or chronic. In severe cases, the condition can become debilitating, or even fatal. No matter the severity, depression has a significant impact on the lives of its victims.

There are numerous mainstream and alternative methods for treating depressive disorders. The most prevalent treatment includes the countless anti-depressants that are advertised by pharmaceutical companies. While these medications are said to be effective, they don’t always work for everyone. And when you consider all the side effects, antidepressants may not be the best option. Psychotherapy is another popular treatment for depression, but it doesn’t work for everyone.

As for alternative treatments, hypnosis therapy is recognized as a potentially effective treatment for depression. Like many therapies, hypnosis is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but if you are being affected by depression, hypnosis is a treatment worth considering.
But how does hypnosis, when put in a clinical context, treat depression? Although hypnosis is usually thought of as a tool to aid behavioral medicine, hypnosis techniques enhance treatment where cognitive behavior falls short. Here’s how:

Hypnosis accesses your subconscious

Symptoms of depression manifest in the conscious mind—which is only ten percent of the mind. Hypnosis
brings the conscious mind into the background and brings the subconscious to the foreground. By accessing the subconscious, we can treat one hundred percent of the mind, instead of trying to only treat the symptoms.

It releases stored emotions

Hypnotherapy enables the therapist and you to reach the deepest level of your subconscious and thus,
the deepest level of your experiences, and stored emotions. When the hypnosis therapist accesses these memories, they work together with the client to release troubling experiences from the mind and body. Clients have found that when the process of exploring experiences is complete, their depression is lifted and stop their compulsive behaviors.

It replaces trauma with positivity

Because people are most open to suggestion when entranced, numerous healing sessions of hypnosis therapy can replace recurring anxious thoughts which often plague survivors of traumatic experiences. A certified hypnotherapist will offer positive affirmations to take the place of self-sabotaging thoughts.

Our mental and emotional states affect our physical state. When troubling thoughts and behaviors are resolved, hypnotic suggestions can improve a client’s bodily functions. Hypnosis can treat restless sleep, low energy, chronic pain, and other physical ailments associated with depression. If you are struggling with depression, it might be time to try hypnotherapy Los Angeles.

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