How Nurturing and Self Love Can Change Your Life For the Better.

Unfortunately we are usually not taught self-love or how to nurture ourselves. As a matter of fact many of us cannot even relate to what self -love really means or how to create it in our lives. Some people think that it’s selfish or narcissistic to put yourself first in any way.

The problem is that when you put yourself last on your to do list, ignore your feelings and are unaware of your needs, you develop problems. Whether it becomes a health issue, anxiety, stress, or even the inability to function because of fear or panic attacks.

Learning to be resourceful and kind to yourself and using tools like hypnosis, meditation, yoga, exercise, mindfulness and positive self -talk can be wonderful affirmative life altering experiences. Self-love can be as simple as taking some much needed time for yourself, a walk, a hot bath, deep slow breathing, or listening to music that you enjoy.

For more information on learning some beneficial and life enhancing techniques to remain calm, focused and resourceful contact me.

Ava Evans, C.Ht.
Therapeutic Hypnosis

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