There are many different roads to becoming happy with your self.  Most importantly is learning to love, accept and appreciate yourself, for the unique individual you are. That can be learned just as confidence can be learned.

The problem is that you learned the negative self talk and you learned it well.  It is learned through families, societies, teachers, friends and experiences.  The good part is if you can learn the negative self-talk you can learn how to counter it with more positive self- talk.  When you learn that skill it can be life changing.

The question then becomes how do we learn that skill?  It takes patience, awareness and possibly someone who can help you in that area.  There are hundreds of books and lectures, Ted Talks and people who can share their experiences of joy and wisdom that offer guidance and teachings that can work for you.  It takes commitment to find what is right for you. That is self -love, moving forward taking actions that are healthy and good for your well -being.

When you are on this journey , relax, learn to meditate, bring that healthy awareness into your life and enjoy the experiences.

Here are some things for you to explore that can bring more awareness, knowledge, positive intentions and fun, allowing you to be more authentic, comfortable and happy with who you are.

Try GPS for the Soul, it’s fun and has lots of information and articles about self awareness and staying positive. It even has an app for your phone that reminds you to take a moment and check in.

Try Happify, it is science based and includes activities and games, helping you to “reduce stress and improve your health”

Go to Ted Talks and look search for topics that interest you, confidence, happiness, having more fun.

Try a good hypnotherapist in your area, accessing the subconscious mind can help you reach these goals more quickly and easily.

Ava Evans, C.Ht.
Therapeutic Hypnosis

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