How To Enjoy Your Life In The Present

You hear it more than ever these days” be in the present”, well easier said than done.
What I have found is that being in the moment is a habit that we acquire by being more mindful.  Being mindful means bringing our awareness to whatever we are doing in the moment.  The trick is that being mindful is also a habit that we must work on as well.

When we begin the journey of mindfulness many of us are just not used to living that way.  We focus on the future or the past and that is exactly why we are not enjoying our lives in the moment. I do not claim that mindfulness is an easy path to walk.  Getting used to being mindful is a journey of consciousness it is not a destination.

I could list many books to help you toward this worthy goal, as I do for my clients. The use of hypnotherapy and meditation is helpful as well in retraining the mind, but the most important element is your dedication and willingness to change.  Yoga can be another helpful component. Any activity that allows you to practice having to be aware when you are doing it can be important in moving you toward this goal.

When we focus on the past we often feel depressed.  When we focus on the future we often feel anxious.  Only when we are in the moment can we enjoy our lives thoroughly and completely.

When we live in the present we have the ability to become more authentic and comfortable with ourselves, freeing us. When we are truly in the moment it releases us from our old patterns from the past, enabling us to move forward with a feeling of confidence, clarity, motivation, calm and purpose that we are here now!


Ava Evans, C.Ht.
Therapeutic Hypnosis

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