How You Can Retrain Yourself to Get More Joy Out Of Your Life

Yes you can! There are different paths to finding more joy in your life. I am here to write about hypnotherapy and the cognitive work that you can learn that will enhance your time here.

See your life as a maneuverable vessel that can be influenced in positive ways in spite of how or where the sea of life takes you. There are innumerable ways to influence your mood and direction, for instance, writing down your feelings in a journal or book. Writing your feelings is often helpful for processing and venting your emotions which can help you, identify, clarify and move on rather than remaining stuck.

This five minute exercise, from the ancient art called Jin Shin Jyutsu®  allows you to harmonize and balance your emotions as well as increase your energy. This small part of Jin Shin involves holding the fingers individually, (as each finger is related to an emotion) allowing you to balance blocked energy that is causing distress.
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Using breath work can enhance your moods and lift you to a healthier level of contentment. When you are in hypnosis I anchor that calmed relaxed feeling you are experiencing (using the 7/11 breathe). On the inhale you put your finger and thumb together and I give you two words that create calmness within. On the longer exhale you are given two other calming words as you separate your finger and thumb. This is called an anchor. When you use this anchor 5-7 breaths a few times a day it gets stronger like a muscle and can be used anytime to create that wonderful relaxed feeling you get in hypnosis.

Another useful technique is to turn towards the creative part of your mind during times of stress, whether it is painting, drawing, playing an instrument or listening to music these right brain hobbies can also assist in bringing about a lighter sense of mood and comfort.

Meditation is also very important in bringing about a healthier state of mind, whether it is a guided meditation like “Headspace” (an app) or simply quieting your mind each day for 20 minutes. Just taking that time for yourself and acknowledging you are worth it is vital.

I make my clients a new hypnosis recording with each session so listening to those allows you to go to that relaxing beautiful calm, resourceful and positive place within.

Any and all of these resources are useful and powerful tools to enhance your life…Enjoy!

Ava Evans, C.Ht.

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