Getting Sleepy…….. Let’s hope so,… Hypnosis is a relaxing state of trance that is ideal for insomnia. With my insomnia clients I make a recording that is very soothing, relaxing and calming, it helps them naturally regain that healthy sleep pattern that has been interrupted. Taking a history of when the sleeplessness began and looking into the causes is usually an important component to sleep recovery.

I often hear a client that has come in for anxiety, weight or another issue state that their sleep, which I had not been told was an issue is no longer a problem for them.

Sleep is such a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, learning good sleep hygiene and how to unwind from the day is part of what I teach my clients in hypnotherapy sessions.

Here are some useful articles that talk about helpful sleep tips for Insomnia you can use.

Ava Evans, C.Ht.

Therapeutic Hypnosis


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