“Change is the only constant in life” . The question is are you changing for the better? Are you making a choice to improve your life or are you coasting into an unconscious fog of change?

Many times we do not even realize the negative aspects of living an unconscious life until we realize our lives are just not working anymore. When we take control and commit to ourselves by putting in the time, following through and doing the work we often see our lives take a positive turn.

Some important aspects are seeing things clearly, figuring out the steps you need to take in order to reach your goals and being able to move forward. These are often challenging actions to take when you feel stuck, scared or unable to clarify where to begin. It is a good time to seek some guidance., it’s always better to get an independent view of the situation you are struggling with.

I often see people who generally understand what needs to be done to improve the quality of their lives on a conscious level, whether it is, fear of flying , fear of public speaking, quitting smoking, losing weight or releasing trauma. Unfortunately, many people just can’t seem to do it easily or at all, either on their own or in the time frame they need it done by. I explain to my clients that the reason they are unable to follow through with their goals is because the subconscious is working against them in this instant. Hypnosis accesses that powerful subconscious allowing a new understanding to occur, changes can then follow.

Hypnotherapy is more than just getting hypnotized, it also about learning cognitive tools and resources to use throughout you lifetime whenever you need them. Finding a way to improve your life is always a win, hypnotherapy can be your way, it’s your choice.

Ava Evans,C.Ht.
Therapeutic Hypnosis

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