Hypnotherapy is a treatment that is now coming of age. People are finding information through articles and word of mouth such as referrals from friends, colleagues, and the Internet. These same people are spreading the message that it works! Hypnotherapy works because we are not only accessing the conscious mind and using proven cognitive tools but are also accessing the subconscious mind, (the most powerful part of our minds) as well.

People are finding life more difficult to navigate and feel more stress and anxiety in their work life and their personal lives. A well-trained and experienced hypnotherapist teaches her/his clients how to navigate and move forward in a complicated world. Clients are learning healthy ways to manage and release the stresses of life, rather than carrying them and feeling weighed down.

Confidence is learned and there are specific actions that can be taken to create the habit of being confident. Hypnosis can be a key ingredient. It is also important for clients to be responsible for using the methods and tools so they not only learn them, but automatically turn to them in cases of upset, negative habits and reactions. These new actions and behaviors create a trust and confidence within ourselves. Clients are learning and able to use these tools and different responses rather than reacting the same ways and having the same negative results. These new behaviors are empowering; they make us feel better. The new tools enable us to be the people we want to be. This results in clients feeling productive, relaxed, motivated and comfortable within themselves.
Isn’t that what we all want?

Hypnotherapy can help clients in many areas of their lives. Whether it is a fear, a weight problem, a negative thought pattern, a bad habit or other destructive behaviors hypnotherapy can lead to healthy solutions.

Ava Evans, Certified Hypnotherapist
Union Board Member

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