Learning How To Bring in The Calm

What we all can use is a little more calm in our lives. The questions are how do I do it. Well it is true that everyone is different so while some of you find that exercise brings you complete balance and calm, that does not apply to all of us. What I have found in my 10 years of helping people is that life can just take over, we forget or never learned to take care of ourselves. Many people are just trying to survive, work, school, family, money..it can be overwhelming. We are not really taught how to support ourselves on a daily or weekly or monthly basis and we tend to get caught up in, well…life, and then before we know it….stress, anxiety, ill-health, insomnia or some negative reaction.

If we learn some good habits most of the negative consequences can be avoided or at least lessened.

The first rule is breathe, When we get stressed many of us hold our breath or breathe very shallow breaths. Just the act of doing some deep, slow, 7/11 breathing is helpful, it can calm our minds and relax our bodies.

Some other important changes come with bringing consciousness into our lives. Just learning to stop and notice what is happening in your mind and your body. Ask your self what your creating and how are you reacting in that moment. This can allow you to become the observer and turn things around more quickly.

Learning and practicing these and other tools, (like hypnosis and meditation), can help to break the unhealthy patterns in our lives and create more calm and control.

Ava Evans,C.Ht.
Therapeutic Hypnosis

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