When I work with clients who come to me for self improvement of any kind I speak about self love.
It is a topic of great importance for those of you who want to live a powerfully healthy, productive and happy life. As I have spoken of before in a previous blog we are very powerful people. Yes you are and you are creating a certain life for yourself, but is it the life you want? Self love is key to having the life you want. It is a choice. Each day you make little and big choices, like what to eat, whether to exercise, how motivated you want to be at work each day, choices about taking risks or to keeping the status quo, etc,.etc..

The way you feel about yourself, how you value yourself, how you think about you, has a tremendous impact on the choices you make each day. If you don’t believe in yourself or cannot let go of negative beliefs about who you are, then how can you make healthy, positive choices?

I teach my clients about self love and what it means. Self love can be as simple as taking some time for you, taking a hot bath or a walk when you feel stressed or overwhelmed. What do they tell you when you fly on an airplane? “Put the oxygen mask on yourself first, then the person who needs help next to you”. So many people put them selves last, that is what they were taught and that is what is comfortable for them, I see people constantly throwing themselves under the bus. When you sacrifice yourself to please others you are diminishing yourself and the cost can be high, some examples are anxiety, stress, depression or lack of confidence, just to name a few.

Self love is also about forgiving yourself and letting go of those false beliefs such as feeling less then or unworthy. Those limiting beliefs are holding you back from believing in yourself, being authentic and living a satisfying, fulfilling and balanced life.

This is your time, it truly is and it’s your choice.

Ava Evans, C.Ht.
Therapeutic Hypnosis

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