The Benefits of Hypnotherapy Can Help You

There are many benefits of hypnotherapy used by medical and health communities, for anxieties, fears and much more.

Psychologists at UCLA are using hypnosis to increase comfort in patients receiving chemotherapy, making recordings for them and creating relaxing, soothing, healing imagery. This is an effective treatment for those suffering from
the negative and uncomfortable effects of chemo.

The subconscious does not understand the difference between what is happening in your imagination and reality. Therefore, when we can relax and imagine or visualize a beautiful healing place and see ourselves in this scene, to the subconscious, we are really there. This then creates responses within the body that calm, soothe comfort and even heal.

Improving academic performance, reducing test anxiety, increasing athletic performance, easing pain, faster recovery from surgery, increasing fertility and relief from Irritable bowel syndrome are just a few of the proven effects that hypnosis can bring about.

It is important to realize that we can with hypnotherapy or even self-hypnosis create and expand these powerful states of change healing and healthier responses. Thus enjoying a more vibrant life-style.

Whether it be for a more peaceful, calm and conscious awareness, to deal with negative habits, insomnia, refocusing your mind to achieve relaxation while speaking in public, increasing confidence by changing that negative self talk into realizing and achieving self love, hypnotherapy can change your life in a powerful and positive way.

Ava Evans, C.Ht.

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