Isn’t it time for us to stop making excuses and create the life we want, to be the person we want to be? We have all heard it before but let’s take it in now.  If we keep doing the same things without changing our attitudes, habits and patterns we will keep getting similar results. So if you want to move forward in a positive way, you must do things differently that relate to what you want to change.

If you want to have a healthier body for instance, it’s time to eat foods that are in alignment with that goal. Don’t make excuses about change being difficult or inconvenient; it is a choice.  Each moment of each day we make choices to get up and exercise, buy or order healthy foods or not. You make choices to care enough about yourself, to feel you are that important or not.  It is a choice to fall back on old habits or create new ones that will allow you to feel better about yourself, and your life.

I am not saying changing your life-style is always easy, but I am saying it is doable. The question is do you think you are worth it?  If the answer is no then you may want to ask yourself “why I you believe I’m not worth it and how can I change that negative belief system?”

If those deep seated negative beliefs are not allowing you to be in a healthy personal relationship, with food or with yourself you may want to consult a hypnotherapist, a psychologist or a marriage and family counselor.

If changing your negative belief system is something that you believe will improve your life, the moment is now because truthfully that is all we have. The past is gone tomorrow may never come, now is it! Isn’t it time to put you first for a while?
When you tend to your needs you can then meet the needs of those you love, work for and play with better; you become more focused, more relaxed, more comfortable and happier with the healthy balanced life you are now creating for yourself. I would say you are worth it, what about you?

Ava Evans, C. Ht.

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