Three Ways Hypnotherapy Concepts that Can Help You Lose Weight

Hypnosis is typically thought of as a performance on stage or a party trick. But hypnosis therapy Los Angeles won’t have you quacking like a duck in front of a large audience. Hypnosis is an ancient attention-focusing technique that can be used as meditation. And when placed in a clinical context, it can be used as therapy. Hypnotherapy can treat a myriad of issues including smoking cessation, anxiety, and even weight loss.

If you’re having trouble reaching your ideal weight why not add trance to your weight loss efforts? While the practice sounds pseudoscientific, a reanalysis by the University of Connecticut found that may not be the case. Participants who used hypnosis lost an average of fifteen pounds compared to the control group who only lost an average of about six pounds. The same meta-analysis found that participants who used hypnosis were more successful in keeping the weight off.

If you’ve never experienced hypnosis for weight loss or don’t know someone who has, it can be difficult to understand how hypnosis is an effective treatment. That trance-like state you experience when you’re driving or watching a movie is the same trance-like state you are meant to achieve during hypnosis. That trance-like state is also when you are most responsive to suggestion. Although you aren’t asleep and although you are in control of your actions, the suggestions you hear when in a hypnotic state are influential. When using hypnotherapy to change or instill a habit, the change first starts within your mind before it finally manifests itself in your conscious.

To have a peak at hypnotherapy weight loss lessons, check out these concepts you can practice on your own, even if you’re not entranced.

1. The key to success is within YOU
Regardless of what your goals are, hypnotherapists believe you have everything you need to achieve them. If you want to lose weight, you don’t need to try another fad diet. To slim down, you need to trust in your abilities. Losing weight is about balance. Sometimes you’ll need to practice before you reach that balance, and that’s okay.

2. Emphasize the positive
While negative suggestions like “Cake will make you sick,” seem effective, they won’t lead to lasting change. For permanent results, think positive. Father-son hypnotherapy duo, doctors Herbert and David Spiegel, devised the popular suggestion: “For my body, too much food is damaging. I need my body to live. I owe my body respect and protection.” For motivation, write your own upbeat mantra and repeat it daily.

3. Envision success
Visualizing triumph readies you for a triumphant reality. Imagine a day of healthy eating habits and that will help you take the steps to implement the steps towards a healthy lifestyle. If you’re having trouble imagining that, it’s time to reflect. Try finding an old picture of you when you were happy with your weight. Try to remember what you were doing then and return to those practices.
Hypnosis, like weight loss, is a process. It takes practice, but with the help of hypnotherapy Los Angeles, you’ll find that the results are well worth the effort.

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