Using Hypnotherapy To Defeat Your Negativity

“Put Blinders on those things that conspire to hold you back, especially the ones in your own head” Meryl Streep

The mind is a wondrous yet misunderstood instrument. There are times in life when we recognize we are our own worst enemy. Thinking and believing negative thoughts about ourselves and playing them out in our lives is unfortunately all too common. Where the limiting thoughts come from is interesting and can be important but not always necessary to facilitate change.

What is important is recognizing that within you somewhere is the ability to change that familiar negative thought process which is holding you back. It takes commitment, consistency and a willingness to forgive and love yourself.

One major factor that prevents us from progressing is not taking responsibility for the negative thoughts that replay over and over again in our minds, thus accepting them as facts. It is all too easy to blame others, to be a victim, to always put the blame on something or someone outside of yourself. Indeed the cause may have started from something that happened to you or from someone else but that does not mean you can’t change it, because you can.

All too often we want, immediate results. Realistically, if you have had an unhealthy relationship with yourself for many years, it takes patience and the ability to trust yourself and who ever you are working with for significant and consistent positive changes. Hypnosis is an incredibly effective tool that assists in changing your internal scripts.

We are very powerful beings and when we awaken, to our power, we just need the right guidance and tools for positive changes to occur. Change does not always come easily but if you are open and willing to recognize and use your resources it does happen.

Ava Evans,C.Ht.
Therapeutic Hypnosis

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